Chicago Bulls Salary Ranks 2018-19

When anyone gives some thought to the Chicago Bulls and championships they’ve acquired, everyone usually looks back to the Bulls in the 90’s.This team is highlight by legendary players like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Denis Rodman. Now when we think of the Bulls we get hit with great sadness thinking about what could’ve been if Derrick Rose stayed healthy.The Chicago Bulls are currently rebuilding their once glorified basketball team. Although injuries and coaching staff have somewhat tainted the team in the past, they look to bounce back as contenders to make it to the NBA Finals again.


A lot of people have unfortunately lost strong beliefs that the Bulls can be a premier team in the NBA again, at least not for awhile. This simple chart shows all the new names on the roster while taking a different approach and ranking the players by how much their salary consists of. Basketball-Reference is a great source to get updated on your favorite team, or even explore the league if you’d like. The site information ranges from attendance, salaries, player statistics, team statistics etc. You can view the salary graph here.

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